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The 2014 Holidays with Ridge & Downes

by Amylee Simonovich | Jan 01, 2015

The holidays are a time of giving back to our communities and to people who are suffering. At Ridge & Downes, we take pride that our attorneys and support staff are always looking for ways to help others.

The attorneys and support staff pulled together this holiday season to donate toys to The Word Worship Center, on the south side of Chicago. The Word Worship Center has many needy families in its congregation. We were advised that the children often “forgotten” at Christmas time are the teenagers, so we made sure to have gifts that appealed to the older children such as sporting goods for the teenage boys and make-up for the teenage girls. Friend of the law firm and retired IBT 710 Trustee, Willie Brand, helped us with this contribution, as he does every year. We are grateful Willie allows us to be involved with this wonderful endeavor.

Willie Brand gifts

Attorney Caroleann Gallagher coordinated sending Christmas packages around the world for children in need through Operation Christmas Child. The presents were sent in decorated shoe boxes and were donated by several members of our staff.

Legal Assistant JoAnn Wolniak donated food to the Casa Catilina in Bridgeport and also to the Chicago Food Depository. She also donated Christmas gifts to the needy families that reside in her church community. Attorney Meghan O’Brien assisted her daughter’s preschool class in making holiday cards for the sick children at Lurie Children’s Hospital and the classroom also donated several gifts for the children to help take their minds off their illness and bring their attention to the happiness of the holiday season.

We adhere by the philosophy, “To whom much is given, much is expected.” We know that even in our saddest days, we are blessed with so many gifts that others do not have. The holiday season reminds us of all of our blessings and to help those that are less fortunate. Our goal is that we all remember this throughout this 2015, and not just during the holiday months.

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