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‘Not Every job should be in America’ Rauner says in defense of his outsourcing record

by Casey McGarry | Sep 09, 2014

            Recently, Bruce Rauner fiercely defended his record of outsourcing U.S. jobs, saying “not every job should be in America.”

            Neal Waltmire, Communications Director for Illinois Freedom PAC, released the following statement in response to Rauner’s remarks:

            Spoken like a true vulture capitalist, Rauner defends his record of destroying middle class jobs and shipping them out of the United States.

            When candidates for Governor speak of creating jobs, we assume they are talking about here in Illinois.  But when Rauner talks job creation he means in foreign countries, conveniently leaving out the American jobs that will be destroyed in the process.

            Rauner’s statement proves once again that his barometer of success is not creating middle class jobs or growing local companies.  His primary metric is how much profits he and his billionaire buddies can suck out of our economy.

            Rauner – and the executives he picks to run his companies – will do just about anything to make money, even if it means destroying middle class jobs, abusing and neglecting vulnerable citizens and bankrupting companies.

            Tom Gaulrapp, a Freeport resident whose job was outsourced to China in 2012, hit the nail on the head when he told a group in Rockford last month that this election is about “keeping one of these vulture capitalists who thinks it’s a good idea to pack up our jobs and move them somewhere else, to keep him from being in the governorship of Illinois. 


Reprinted with permission from the Will County Labor Record

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