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Dock Worker Injures Hip and Awarded Medical Benefits for Life

Petitioner is a 42-year-old dock worker/spotter who sustained injuries to his right hip when he fell while carrying ladders during the course of his employment.  Due to failure of conservative treatment, Petitioner eventually underwent surgery in the form of a femoral osteoplasty of the right hip.  He was off work for 7 months.  This case was accepted and all medical bills and TTD due to Petitioner were paid.  However, this case had to be tried before the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission because Petitioner’s doctors had advised him that in the future he would likely need a total hip replacement and therefore this office tried the case in order to make sure that the Petitioner’s medical rights in respect of this case were left open for life.


At trial, the Arbitrator opined that Petitioner had sustained a 30% loss of use of his right leg and awarded the Petitioner $34,113.41 for the permanent effects of his injury.  All medical bills were paid and as indicated the Petitioner’s medical rights in relation to his injury remain open for life in this case.
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