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Electrician Suffers Permanent Finger Damage

A 54-year-old electrician sustained a severe injury to his right index finger after being cut by an electric saw.  He came to our office almost two years after his initial injury and at that time the insurance company had not offered him a settlement award for the permanent damage that had been done to his index finger.  As a result of his injury, his index finger did not bend and he lacked the fine motor skills that were necessary for his trade.  Upon hiring our law firm, the insurance company finally made an offer for the permanent damage that was done to the electrician's finger; however, they only offered 15% loss of use of the finger.  We fought with the insurance company and its attorney for several months, during which time the offer increased to 25% and then to 75% loss of use of the index finger.  Our firm secured a final settlement for 87% loss of use of his finger.

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