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This FAQ section is provided as a general guideline to the rights and responsibilities of an employee who has been injured on the job. It does not, and cannot, contain all of the benefits and obligations pertaining to each specific case. Furthermore, it does not set forth the statute of limitations, nor the time limitations, of what you must do for proceeding with a workers ’ compensation claim. Each workers’ compensation case is unique and the law is frequently modified by the legislature and the courts.

This FAQ section is not intended as a replacement for the advice of an experienced attorney. In fact, if you have suffered an injury that is work related, you should consult an attorney knowledgeable on the law in your State for proper advice regarding the same.

Who is covered by the Workers’ Compensation Act?

The vast majority of people that work in Illinois are covered by the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act. Exceptions are few, and include certain farm workers, employees of very small businesses with annual payrolls less than one thousand dollars, maritime workers, federal employees, and police officers and firefighters in Chicago.

You need not be an Illinois resident to be covered by the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act. The Act covers anyone who was injured in Illinois; anyone who was originally hired in Illinois but was injured outside of Illinois; and anyone, such as a truck driver or traveling salesperson, whose principal place of employment is in Illinois, but may have been injured while working outside of Illinois. The jurisdictional guidelines of the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act are quite broad and the benefits provided in Illinois are historically more generous in comparison to all other Midwestern states. It is always worthwhile to see if your injury is covered under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act, even if it occurred outside of Illinois or if you are not an Illinois resident. 

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