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  • Workers' Comp "Deform": A Race to the Bottom

    Our office works to continually update you on changes to the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act (“Act”). Unfortunately, especially after 2011, many of the changes we report to you are not favorable to the injured worker.Since 2011, you have heard from our office that Illinois reform has limited injured workers’ rights regarding medical care and treatment, as well as significantly lowered permanent disability values. We also tell you, again and again, about our fears for the future of Workers’ Compensation rights and benefits.

    Our attorneys speak throughout the state on these issues and a common question they are asked is, “Are workers’ compensation laws changing in all states or is Illinois the only state putting restrictions on workers’ compensation?” We have told people time and time again that the climate of workers’ compensation is changing throughout our country.

    Now thanks to ProPublica and NPR, we can provide evidence to show that we are not exaggerating the attacks on Workers’ Compensation; the threat to Workers’ Compensation is wide-spread and growing.

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